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The Aharveda Way

“Ahar”: (n) [a]H[a]r means food in Sanskrit
“Veda”: (n) ˈvādə,ˈvēdə/ defined as scripture containing philosophies.

Through The Aharveda Way, we are combining age-old principles of wellness-centric food science practised in Ancient India and our decades of experience in creating wholesome, tasty food. Aharveda Way will prepare you to fight today’s stress levels and ailments with lots of energy, a well-balanced body and a healthy, positive mindset. Our vision is to fight major diseases and we believe it’s possible through systematic cleansing of body and by including body balancing diet in our daily food.

Why Aharveda

  • Free Delivery
    Limited Time
  • Variety
    From 100+ Recepies
  • Alkaline
    Vegetarian Diet
  • Healthy
    Yet Tasty

Meal Plans

Lunch & Dinner

Taking into account feedback from multiple attendees who were looking to incorporate The Aharveda way into their diet, we kickstarted the Aharveda food service. Aharveda food service commits to preparing wholesome meals that adhere to Aharveda principles. We developed over 100+ recipes to you that are made without oil, ghee or butter & can be delivered right to your doorstep or office.


We develop nutritious, delicious andsimple recipes for individuals, families and corporates. Our aim to makehealthy eating enjoyable and satisfying to the taste buds.

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