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Aharveda Lifestyle

“Ahar”: (n) [a]H[a]r means food in Sanskrit
“Veda”: (n) ˈvādə,ˈvēdə/ defined as scripture containing philosophies.

“A balanced way of life,” Aharveda combines principles of wellness-centric food science practiced in ancient India and decades of experience in producing nutritious & tasty food.

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With a focus on a vegan, plant-based menu, encouraging a sattvic diet (even if you choose to keep this food for pujas or any other religious ceremonies, this would be the most sattvic food you could ever find!), with 350 dishes in a multi-cuisine format, the food community at ‘Aharveda’ is broadly divided into a restaurant with 5-star quality kitchen, meal plans, tiffin and catering services.

2017/05/30 16:06
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Meal Plans
Wholesome meals at your doorstep

Taking into account the feedback we have received from multiple attendees who are looking to incorporate The Aharveda way into their diet, we kickstarted the Aharveda food service. It commits to preparing wholesome meals that adhere to the Aharveda principles.

2017/05/30 16:06
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Illness to Wellness

Our consultations go beyond treating the symptoms of an ailment. They are more about realigning you with the healthiest version of yourself.

Treating a symptom, while neglecting the source, is a job half-done. Real recovery comes from real change.

Hence, we focus on finding the best healing modality to address your emotional, mental or physical condition. We guide you at every step to make gentle, but genuine, life-changing tweaks in your daily routine, eating habits, fitness regime, thought patterns, etc.

Aharveda Catering

Who says that healthy, nutrition-packed food cannot make special events memorable?

‘Aharveda’ has been proving this notion wrong for years by catering to events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, corporate parties, etc. with creative customized menu plans that are full of flavours, goodness and nourishment.

Soups, Salads, Starters, Mains, Desserts – Aharveda has it all.

“Atithi Devo Bhava, and there’s nothing better one can do than to serve their guest, the gift of well-being!”

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