About Our Founder
Dr. Harish Shetty

“Breathe, Believe, Be Healthy, Be Thankful”

I am Harish Shetty. I believe, what we eat makes us who we are and how we think makes us the best we can be. Some call me healer, some call me teacher. I am neither. I am a friend who humbly guides you to better health of Body, Mind and Soul.

Life is a precious gift. In good times it allows us to experience love, friendship and happiness. In tough times, it allows us to build our understanding and strength.

What excites me most about life is that anyone can transform, at any age. To be an earnest and eager instrument for such transformation has now become my life’s purpose.

I am Harish Shetty, let us change for the better, together.

Consult with Dr. Harish
Our Life-Enhancing
Consultation Program

Our consultations go beyond treating the symptoms of an ailment. They are more about realigning you with the healthiest version of yourself.

Treating a symptom, while neglecting the source, is a job half-done. Real recovery comes from real change.

Hence, we focus on finding the best healing modality to address your emotional, mental or physical condition. We guide you at every step to make gentle, but genuine, life-changing tweaks in your daily routine, eating habits, fitness regime, thought patterns, etc.

1) How We Work
Our unique consultation program is accessible from anywhere in the world. We are available on Skype/facetime/phone at a time convenient to you. We work globally through online consultations. And if you reside in Mumbai, you can drop in at our Mumbai office for a consultation and enjoy a glass of our super-energizing sugarcane-passion fruit juice. Currently, we have no representative or authorized centre other than our Mumbai office.
2) ‘Service to All’, is Our Motto
We follow a strictly inclusive ethos. So, our consultations are for everyone, anywhere in the world, regardless of age, profession, gender or ailment. Students, teachers, homemakers, heads of state – our client list includes them all. Our wellness program is beneficial to everyone - people with allergies/weight issues/sugar or blood pressure problems, diabetes, cancer, mental/emotional health issues such as anxiety, paranoia, panic, insecurities, etc.
The Way to Wellness

You can opt for our 3-month, 6-month or 12-month Wellness Program.

Before the Consultation:

  • You fill out a form to give us an insight into your individual routine, health issues and what you hope to gain from our program.
  • Based on your time and date preferences, we will generate an appointment schedule for the entire length of the program.
  • We will send you clear and specific instructions to follow before your first appointment.

Your Steps to Wellness

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The Program commences with a meeting with Dr. Harish Shetty and our team of wellness experts.

Aharveda ConsultationArtboard 2

After carefully considering your health parameters, requirements, etc., we devise a Lifestyle plan that is suitable and sustainable for you.

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Once the plan is put in action, you can be assured of regular follow-ups to check your progress.

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We are available at all times on Email and WhatsApp to answer your queries or provide counseling and support.

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Our plan is flexible because life is eventful. So we also undertake to customise Lifestyle plans for the events in your life, such as vacations, celebrations, work trips & so on.

After the Consultation:

  • You can rely on our whole-hearted support and encouragement even after the program.
  • We will continue to share practical tips and expert advice to help you stay well and fit for life.
Our Team
At Your Service
Dr. Brinda Venkatraman
Dr. Brinda Venkatraman

Dr. Brinda Venkatraman is the recipient of the prestigious ‘Indian Iconic Personality Award’ for Physiology Education. The former Head of Department, Physiology, at HBTMC & Dr. R.N. Cooper Hospital, she has more than three decades teaching experience in Human Physiology.

Ms. Salome Benjamin
Ms. Salome Benjamin

Ms. Salome Benjamin is a Consultant Medical Nutritionist at esteemed institutions like the Tata Memorial Hospital. She is among the Visiting Faculty at some of the best Medical and Nutrition colleges in Mumbai, including SNDT University. She is the founder member and Vice President of ADE (Association of Diabetes Educator).
She is a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) and Nutrition Advisor on the Boards of nutraceutical companies. She is regularly invited as Speaker and Chairperson at national and international conferences.

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