Aharveda Organic

We are “Part” of nature and not “Apart” from nature.

Nature heals and what is natural is best for your Body, Mind & Soul. With this philosophy, Aharveda offers a range of chemical free & affordable organic products. We believe that all food should be organic and unprocessed, as given to us by nature.

We procure our range of organic products from farmers directly and promote them to produce organic. Thus, Aharveda range of organic products help farmers get good remuneration and at the same time sell at affordable rates to consumers.

Over the years there has been an increase in diseases like cancer, kidney & liver failure. This is majorly because of an imbalance between the “foundations of life” namely air, water & soil. Main causes of these diseases are due to the excess use of pesticides, fertilizers & synthetic colors. Besides this, land & water also get contaminated with high arsenic content that get transferred to fruits, vegetables & crops.

Our Mission

There is an urgent need for the nation to address the hazardous effects of the unregulated use of such life-threatening chemicals. Keeping this in mind, we have launched a petition against the use of these in agriculture to help felicitate organic and nourishing food for all under our ‘Clean Air, Clean Water & Clean Food’ initiative.

Aharveda organic is the bridge that connects farmers to folks in a way that benefits farmers, consumers & the environment.
Our goal is to reach the good old day of chemical-free agriculture where all food was organic.