Health is happiness. Health is wealth.

We are born to lead perfectly healthy, happy and productivelives. Yet, disease robs us of this birthright.

However, the real cause of any ailment is an unhealthy diet.

The old adage, ‘You are what you eat,’ packs a world oftruth in it.

Eating ‘dead food’ does lead to a slow decline of our innategood health. It increases acidity in the body, is hard to digest, and makes usvulnerable to sickness.

‘Living foods’, on the other hand, provide the perfect fuelfor our body. They are bursting with easy-to-absorb, rich nutrients that helpus recover and regain lost vitality. This is what Aharveda is about.

With the natural goodness of Aharveda, you too can reclaimyour health and wellbeing through the right Aharor food.

The secret of Aharveda’s success lies in a wholesome, tasty,alkaline diet that recreates the ideal climate within, so that your body canrepair itself.

Every Aharveda diet chart is designed to address your specificneed. Once you follow the carefully constructed regime of healthy eating, theresults are simply amazing.

With Aharveda, you will kill the root cause of the disease and not just the effects.

You will also feel more energeticand able to face the daily challenges of life with equanimity. When our mind andbody work in harmony, stress loses its power to distress us. We are better ableto deal with it and to grow and fulfill our potential.

Our Goal

It is our goal to enrich people’s lives. To equip and empowerthem to stay healthy and happy.

Through Aharveda, we aim to make good health a universalreality within the reach of everyone.

It is our mission to:


Through Aharveda, we are committedto healing people by treating and uprooting the cause of their disease. Our customized,alkaline diet plans are carefully designed to care for the metabolism. The outcomeis complete recovery, without any allopathic or homeopathic medicine.


With Aharveda, we help maintain thebody’s optimum form, without the use of any artificial supplements. Treatedwith the natural, gentle goodness of living foods, it stays alert and resistantto diseases.

It is our goal to make a lasting, positive difference inpeople’s lives and help them attain their wellness goals.