Meal Plans

By introducing cost-effective and convenient meal plans, Aharveda is now ensuring that everyone has access to good health.

Aharveda food is now delivered to the doorstep so that people can focus on getting better and getting on with life.

Our healthy meal plans take into account your health issues. Every Aharveda diet chart is designed to address your specific need. Once you follow the carefully constructed regime of healthy eating, the results are simply amazing.

An Aharveda diet does not use oil, ghee, dairy products or sugar, yet it isn’t about eating boiled vegetables for lunch and dinner. In fact, you could be tucking into a mouth-watering avial or vegetable makhanwala, and gajar halwa. Surprised? That’s because our chefs have spent long hours experimenting with healthier ingredients to recreate your favourite dishes. Enjoy a raita made out of peanut curd instead of dairy yoghurt, aloo parathas with gluten-free rajgira flour instead of wheat, and pulao with wari. And no more saying ‘no’ to shrikhand or payasam. Palm jaggery, dates and figs make your desserts guilt-free.

Juices, Soups, main courses, and even desserts have never been more appetizing and flavorful while being guilt-free.

With Aharveda, good taste and good health go hand in hand.